With school out and summer now in full swing, kids will be heading to their local playgrounds for some fun in the outdoors. And while it’s wonderful to see children enjoy the carefree days of the summer season, we also have to remember to put safety first. Fortunately, taking a few simple steps can help ensure your playground offers a safe place to play all summer long.

Check Your Equipment

Your playground equipment will be under extra stress with the increased use that typically occurs during summer months. Give all surfaces and connections a thorough check to make sure they’re up to the task. Also, check your safety surfacing to make sure you offer adequate protection against injuries from falls.

Keep the H2O Flowing

It’s easy for kids to get dehydrated running around in the Texas heat, so make sure your water fountains are in good working condition.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

When temps go up, the bugs come out, placing kids at a higher risk for painful insect bites. Check the playground area regularly for fire ants and wasp nests, and deal with them promptly. Also, standing water can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, so make sure the area has adequate drainage.

Offer Some Shade

Give parents and kids a shady place nearby where they get out of the sun and enjoy the breeze. If space is limited, consider a simple shade canopy.

Educate Parents

Send a flyer to the parents in your community with some summer safety tips for families enjoying your playground. Remind them about the importance of things like sunscreen, appropriate footwear (i.e. no bare feet), hydration, and insect repellent.


Here’s to a happy — and safe — summer for all!